Thursday, 9 June 2016

Excellence Evidence Librarian 2


On Monday I had Librarian with Samantha L, Samantha W, Monique, Xanthe and Isabella.

First we went to the library and got a couple of books. Then we headed to the back of the library and got a beanbag each.

Then we walked to the junior area deck. We asked a few little kids if they wanted to listen and then our regulars turned up as well. When we had them all sitting down and comfortable we started reading. Samantha L started and it was another Barbie book. When she had finished Samantha W started reading and again it was a Barbie book.

When we had finished reading we returned the books and bean bags to the library. (What we did).

The value I showed was Respect because I listened to the reader.

I showed leadership by role modelling what I wanted the juniors to do.

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