Thursday, 26 March 2015

Goals Reflection

I've achieved my goals by:

Leadership-I have taken up some leadership roles and have set up some games for little kids

Maths-I've attended Maths breakouts that will help me get better at the thing I need to work on

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Joke

I race down the hall after the others.

"In here",Miss O'Connor directs us into one of the boys cabins.

"Ew" Sam and I say in unison as we go and sit down.

"Okay here's the plan when your name
gets called out you sprint down the hallway and into the Common Room where Mr Ladbrook will be waiting for you" Miss O'Connor tells us.

We wait for a few minutes making small talk with everyone when Miss O'Connor calls out "Sam".

I say "Good luck" as she runs out of the room.

After she left we all felt even more anxious and nervous.

"I wonder what happens....."

"Levi" Miss O'Connor yells interrupting my sentence.

"Good luck" we all yell.

I talk to Momo as we wait for the next name.

"Samara" Miss O'Connor calls out.

1,000 thoughts go through my head.Will I get hurt?,what is it?.

I get up and run out of the room.Adreniline is pumping through my veins as I sprint down the hallway.Just about there,SLAM goes the double doors as I burst through them.Mr Ladbrook is standing there ready to tell me what to do.

"Okay this is what you have to do,lift up each bucket and say what's underneath it in under 7 seconds got it?"he asks me,"got it"I reply."Okay 3,2,1 Go!!!

I start sprinting towards the first bucket.I lift it up "um a squishy ball thing"I stutter as I race to the next one."Soft toy pig"I say lifting the next bucket.2 more buckets.I reach for the next bucket and lift it up.

"ARGH"yells Mr Brown through a hole in the table.

"AHH"I scream in terror while throwing the bucket at the table.I start laughing and lift up the last bucket but nothing was there.

I walk up to Mum and find that she was videoing me.

"How was my reaction"I ask Mum.

"Priceless"Mum replies while stifling a giggle.

Next I went and sat down to watch Jack,Joeseph,Momo and Mollyanne get there big scare!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Wonder Prequel

My goal:Ideas

Wonder Prequel

It was a cheerful,sunny day in my backyard.

"Hurry up"I whisper to Christopher.We were about to climb the massive tree that I was absolutely forbbiden to climb."I'm coming calls Christopher from behind.We scramble from bush to bush until we reach the huge tree.

I started to climb the tree first.I'm about one quarter of the way up when Christopher started climbing.I climber higher and higher until I was just about at the top when disaster strikes...Christopher falls throwing me off balance I toppled down after him.Luckily for me I landed on him but for Christopher any last hope of staying conscious vanished,he was unconscious .I scream in terror for mum and she comes racing to the door faster than a cheetah.

"What's wrong Auggie"she says out of breath

"It's Christopher he fell off the massive tree"I say as calmly as I can.

"Auggie this is why I forbid you from going up there"mum says anger creeping into her voice

"Who cares right now let's just go help Christopher"

"ok,ok let's go"and she runs to Christopher.First mum checks his pulse.That was ok.When mum said that relief flowed through my body.Next we drive to the hospital.When we arrive Christopher miracously wakes up!

"Where am I"he says in a dizzy voice.

"At the hospital sweetheart"mum says soothingly.

"Cristopher Carter"calls the reception lady.

"Come on let's go"mum says.

"Hello Mrs Smith"says the doctor.

"Please call me Maria"mum tells the doctor.

"Ok Maria what's the problem?"

"Well little Christopher here has an extremely sore leg because he fell out of a tree".

"Ok let's go get an X-Ray so we know why it hurts".

In the X-Ray room mum and stand next to Christopher who is lying on the X-Ray table.

"Will he be ok?"I ask mum

"I'm sure he'll be fine"says mum calmly.

"Christopher has a broken ankle and will need to be in a cast for six weeks but there will be no long term damage"the doctor tells us.

We walk down the hall way to the cast room.Christopher chooses a lime green cast.After we thank the doctor we go to Christopher's house.

When we get Christopher out his mother is waiting.Christopher hops as fast as he can into his mothers arms.Then we say goodbye and depart.

After Christopher's accident I felt guilty everyday.At school,well home because I'm home schooled(because of all my surgeries),mum kept attempting to comfort me by telling me it's not my fault,but that doesn't change the fact that it was my idea to climb the horrible tree.

The next time Christopher came over I couldn't look him in the eye.It got so bad I ask to be excused to go to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I let the tears gush down my face like a waterfall and remember that terryfiying day.Suddenly there was a knock on the door.I jumped up in fright then sniffle "who is it?"

"It's Christopher,look August I know you blame yourself for me breaking my ankle but it's not your fault it was mine for being my old,clumsy self".

Laughter erupted from me.

"And it's also healed perfectly fine"adds Christopher before he starts laughing from his little joke in his last sentence.

"So you wanna go play?"I ask while coming out of the bathroom.

"Sure"replys Christopher and we run to my room.

All was good again apart from my face:).