Thursday, 22 October 2015

Distinction Evidence

Peer Mediation

On Wesnesday I had Peer Mediation.

First we went and got the IPad, Necklaces and Jackets.Once we did that we headed to the field.

When we got to the field we started walking around it. We asked people if they had any problems but no one did.

We kept walking and asking but then we saw a junior sitting on the ground crying. We went over and found out what happened. Why happened was that he was playing Soccer and his friend picked up the ball and took it away. We made sure we used out Peer Mediation skills that we got taught at the Peer Mediation training by bending down to their height and repeating back what they said. We solved the problem by getting the ball back and finding a new game to play. They couldn't keep playing Soccer because the ball they were using is for the senior's.

While we were walking we had a bunch of year 3's come up to us and start talking to us. They didn't have a problem they just wanted to talk to some senior's. We tried to make them go away because there might be kids trying to approach us to sort out problems. We ended up letting them stay with us because the bell was about to ring.

We were on Peer Mediation for the whole of lunch because the other group didn't turn up and we didn't want to leave the field unattended.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Distinction Evidence

Peer Mediation

On Wednesday I had Peer Mediation with Samantha L.

First we went and got the Ipad, necklaces and jackets. Once we had put them on we headed out to the field

When we got to the field we started walking around the Long Distance track because it was marked out with cones and it covered the whole field.

While we were walking we got approached by a little boy who said his friend had hurt his leg. We went over to see how bad it was and saw it was just a little cut. We told him he could go and see the teacher in the orange vest and they could give him a plaster but he said it was okay.

After we sorted that out we kept walking around the field. When we were at the big acorn tree in the corner of the field we had some little kids come up to us saying they saw some older kids diving into the pool of water on the Long Jump pit mat. We went over and found out there was. One of them ran away and the other one admitted he was which was obvious because he was soaking wet. We thought they were in year 4 or 5. We told him to go to the office and get a new uniform for today but he said it was drying.

We kept on walking and we had only taken a couple of steps before another group of little kids approached us. Their problem was that someone had kicked their ball away. We sorted it out then discovered that some people were cheating. We helped them come up with a solution which was you all rotate positions.

Once we finished that it was time to go. We hung up the necklaces and jackets and put the Ipad away.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Distinction Evidence


On Monday I had Librarian.

On Monday on of the people I do Librarian with was away so showed Community and found someone to cover for them.

First of all we put the books onto the shelf. You do this by getting them off the trolley and seeing what letters are on the spine. Then you find that letter on the shelf and put it there.

Next we sat down at the desk issuing and returning books for people. We returned a whole heap of books and issued a few. When there was no one to help we quietly chatted amongst ourselves.

We told everyone hen the library was closing and thanked Mrs Ward and left.

Goals Reflection

Improve in Maths- I have improved in maths because I have passed Number, Geometry and nearly Algebra. I am nearly at the year 8 standard. My next step is to pass Algebra.

Get my Distinction badge- I will have my Distinction badge in a couple of weeks because I just need to finish blogging about Peer Mediation and Librarian.

Become a leader in the school- I have become a leader in school by participating in all extra curriculum activities apart from 2 which are Radio station and Communication team. My next step is to continue turning up from them and to help in any way possible.