Friday, 10 June 2016

Excellence Evidence Kapa Haka 3

Kapa Haka

On Friday I had Kapa Haka.

First I walked respectfully down to the hall and took my shoes off in the foyer. Next I entered the hall and sat quietly in my spot. When everyone had arrived we started singing our school song Taitapu. We are working on singing louder and with more pride.

After we had gone through the song a couple more times we split off into groups and they were short poi, long poi, raku and the Haka. I had to go outside and practice long poi with the rest of the year 8 girls.

When we were  outside we practiced the poi. We made a routine and everyone got to have a say in what they thought should be in it as long as it was appropriate.

When we had got the routine sorted we practiced as a group. We realised then that we were all changing to the next action at different times so we practiced when we were going to change. When we were doing this we all got confused because there was no beat. To solve the problem we asked Matua Rihari to come outside and play the guitar.

After that we went back inside and practiced transitions until Kapa Haka was over. (What I did).

I showed Excellence because I was being resilient in the poi when we were all changing at different times.

I showed Leadership by helping others in the poi

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