Friday, 24 June 2016

Excellence Evidence Kapa Haka 5

Kapa Haka

On Friday I had Kapa Haka.

First I walked respectfully down to the hall and took my shoes off in the hall foyer. Then I entered the hall respectfully and sat down in my spot. When everyone had arrived we started warming up our voices.

We sang He Honere and Pa Mai.  Once we had finished singing these songs the non performance group went back to class. Then Mr Brown told the performance group that we were performing at the school open day in a couple of weeks. We found out that we will be singing He Honere and our school song Taitapu.

To practice these songs we lined up the way we would when we're performing. We ran through Taitapu a few times and then we moved onto He Honere. When we were singing this we kept going sharp so we practiced till we got it right. Once we had we practiced Pa Mai.

As many people didn't know the actions a few of us had to go to the front and do the actions. I was one of the people picked. We went through the song until everyone knew the actions. Once they did we ran through our Cultural festival performance.

The songs in this are Hareuia, Tahurihuri, Taitapu and the Haka. (What I did).

I showed Respect by transitioning to the hall and back quietly.

I showed leadership by doing the actions up the front.

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