Thursday, 30 July 2015

Excellence Evidence

Peer Meadiation

On Wednesday I did my job as a Peer Meadiator with Kyla.We were stationed on the field.

First of all we got the jackets,necklaces and iPad.Next walked to the field and started walking around it.

While we were walking we asked people if they had any problems but no one did.We also helped by if a ball was near us we have it back to the person who ever was playing with it.

When our time was up we returned the gear and went and found our friends.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Excellence Evidence

Being a role model for the Kakano team

In assembly I was respectful by listening to the speaker,facing the front and not talking to the person beside me. I clapped at the right time and I sung with pride in all the songs we sung.When I got an award I walked respectfully to the front and graciously shook the teachers hand.

Excellence Evidence


At Choir this week we only had Mr Mcallum because Miss Haris was sick.

First we warmed up our voices by doing some mouth excersies and then we practiced 2 songs which were

When we had practiced those couple of songs a few times we started practising for the Music Festival which is coming up.

The songs from the book that we practiced were 
-California dreamin
-Slice of heaven.

When Choir was finished we all walked back to class.

Excellence Evidence

Kapa Haka

This week at Kapa Haka we were practising for the Year 7/8 Open Night.

First of all we practised all the main songs that we sing which are
-He Honere
-Pa Mai

When we had practiced all of them the year 5/6 had to leave so. We could practice for the Open Night (the whole Kapa Haka group couldn't fit in the class so only the year 6/7/8's could perform).

When they had left we practiced the main songs again by ourselves.After that the boys practiced the Haka while us girls shouted the words.

When the bell rang Sam L and I had to go to Peer Meaditaion

Excellence Evidence

Being a role model for the Kakano students

In assembly I was a role model to the Kakano students because I sat facing the front in my seat and I didn't talk to the people sitting beside me.I didn't start fidegiting with my hands or start kicking the seat in front of me either.I clapped at the appropriate time and at the appropriate noise level.In the National Anthem I sung with pride and in the other songs I sung at the right level.

Excellence Evidence

Peer Meadiation

On Wednesday I did Peer Meadiation with Kyla.We were stationed on the field.

Firstly we went into Room 25 and got a jacket,  a necklace and an iPad with the Peer Meadiator app on it.

Next we walked to the field and started walking around it.On our way we asked a group of boys if they had a problem because they were all standing in a group arguing but they said they didn't.We continued walking around the field until our duty was up.

When it was time to finish we hung up the jacket and necklace and returned the iPad and went and found our friends.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Goals Reflection

This is a photo of me holding my leaf that has my goals on the back of it.

Improve in Maths-I have improved in Maths by attending Breakouts.I am nearly at the year 8 standard.My next step is to finish my Maths Goal.

Get a Distinction Badge-I am closer to this goal because I have just got my Merit  Badge which is the first badge.My next step is to get my Excellence Badge.

Become a leader-I have become a leader because I have joined all other curriculum  activities eg PALS, Peer Meadiation and Kapa Haka.My next step is to try my hardest in all the activities.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Excellence evidence

Peer Meadiation

On Wednesday I did my job as a Peer Meadiator.

I was showing leadership by being on time.We were on the field so we made sure we went right around it not just half of it.We went around asking people if they had any problems but no one did, which is a good thing because that means there's no problems.I did my job fully because I didn't go play with my friends before time was up.When it was time to finish we respectfully put the stuff away then went and played.

Writing prove it

For writing I passed my goal organisation.

I did this by linking my paragraphs and making a new paragraph when there's a new speaker,place,time and idea.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My Maori weather forecast

Reading Prove it

W.A.L.T:Anyalyse similarity/difference of language/discourse within/between texts.

For this W.A.L.T I think I got to Extended Abstact because I can identify several features and can explain what would happen they weren't there.

Excellence Evidence

Helping out around the school

On Thursday the 25th of June I was a Marshall at the junior school Cross Country.

I was stationed at the Cunnigham street entrance to the school.

My job as a Marshall was to direct the students the right way to go and to encourage them when they came past.I think I did a good job because everyone went the right way and when I encouraged them they started running again.When the races finished we all had to do a house chant so when it was my house's turn I cheered my hardest so the little kids did the same.

Excellence evidence

On the bus to technology

On the bus to technology I sat with Samantha W.

I was respectful because I talked at an appropriate noise level the whole trip and I only talked to the person beside me.I was using the C.A.R.E value Active Thinking by reminding people around me that they needed to lower their voice a bit.When we got to the destination I said thank you to the bus driver.