Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Merit Evidence helping out around the school 1

Helping out around the school/ Bake Sale

On Wednesday we had the bake sale. It is fundraising for the year 8's trip to Wellington at the end of they year. All the year 8's had to bring in a plate of baking if they wanted the money to be taken off their fee.

Around 11 the student leaders had to set up. We brought tables from the class out and set up a station. Then we brought out the food. There was around 15 different plates per table.

When we were finished setting up we got the first class out. Lots of people came and bought things.

We asked the rest of the classes and again there were heaps of people.

Most of the food sold at our table and everyone else's. (What we did).

I showed Community by helping at the table.

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