Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Excellence Evidence Librarian 1


On Monday I had Librarian with Samantha L, Samantha W, Monique, Isabelle and Xanthe.

First of all we went to the Library and got two books that were Barbie Charm School and a Barbie book about horse riding. Next we grabbed a couple of bean bags and headed down to the music room deck.

When we got to the deck and ask some juniors if they wanted to listen to a story. A couple of them wanted to so we sat down with the juniors on our laps and started reading. It was Samantha L and Samantha W turn to read. Samantha W read first and she read Barbie Charm School. Once she was finished Samantha L read the barbie book about horse riding. When they were finished we packed up and returned the gear to the library. (What I did).

I showed Respect by listening to the reader.

I showed leadership by role modelling how to sit still and silently while Samantha L and Samantha W read.

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