Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Merit Evidence Librarian 4


On Monday I had Librarian with Samantha L.

First we went to the library and got 2 Barbie books ( Barbie a Pet Vet and a Fashion Fairy tale) and 3 bean bags.

Afterwards we walked down to the juniors and put the beanbags on the deck. Then we went and asked some juniors if they wanted to read a book. We struggled at first to find some but then we asked a whole group and they wanted to.

Next we read the book. I read Barbie a Pet Vet first. It was really fun reading it but it was also hard because the sun was in  my eyes and all the juniors wanted to see the pictures. Then Samantha read. She read Barbie a Fashion Fairy tale.

Once we finished reading we took the books and beanbags back to the library and went and enjoyed the rest of our lunch time. (What I did)

I showed all the C.A.R.E values because I did my duty on time and for the required time and I tried my hardest with it.

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