Friday, 18 September 2015

Distinction Evidence

Kapa Haka

On Friday I had Kapa Haka.

First we went through our new school song Taitapu. We had to do this again because we forgot to build up to the chorus.

Next we practiced our new song Tahurihuri. The year 8 girls do long poi to this, the rest of the girls do short poi and the boys do actions.

We go through this. The next time we go through this Mr Brown and Mrs baker tap people on the shoulder that aren't doing the poi right or a struggling. Everyone except the year 7's had to sit down.

Mr Brown and Mrs Baker took them to the back of the hall while the year 7's practiced it again. Matoua Rihari said we needed to practiced the "Nga rori ka hoki " part because again because we were going to fast.

I asked Matoua Rihari what way we were meant to sway our poi because everyone was swaying it different ways. He said you were meant to sway it to your right because that's the way you always start your actions to.

Once we got the " Nga rori ka hoki" in time and swaying our poi the right way we performed it with the other years and Matoua said that it looked amazing. I think the session really helped me with the poi.

After that it was time to go.

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