Saturday, 5 September 2015

Distinction Evidence


On Friday I had Choir.

First if all we warmed up our voices. Here are a couple of excercises we do

- Square jump
- Doupie doo
- 1,1,2,1

Next we practiced songs for the Music Festival that's coming up.

The first song we practiced was May there all ways be sunshine.  We went over this a few times and practices singing the high notes.  After that we moved onto the next song.

The next song was Ring Of Fire.  We went through it until we got to a part that was really high pitched. Mr Mcallum taught us a trick so we can hit it.  The trick was to bend over while you song the high note.  We tried this and it worked.  We went through that part a couple of times and every time we sang it we added a bit more of the song in.

When we had done that a couple of times we started practicing a song we're going to sing for school and it's called Ariadiamus.  We watched a video of a Choir singing it and it was amazing! Once we ran through that it was time to go.

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