Friday, 18 September 2015

Distinction Evidence


On Friday I had Choir.

First we warmed up our voices.  Here is some exercises we do

- Square Jump
- 1,1,2,1
- 1,2,3,4,5
- Ah

Next we practiced a new song that we have which is called Adiemus. We watched a video a couple of weeks ago  and that's how we found out about the song. Here is a video of the song

We went through till we finished the verse after the instrumental part. Some people volunteered to do the solos so we put them in a big group and they did that part. When we finished it singing it 1 time, 1 of the Kauri team captains Mrs Pattern came in. We sang her the song and she really enjoyed it. She even knew the song!

After that we went through some songs for the Music Festival that's coming up.

First we practiced The Long White Sails. We had the Piano playing and the Violin which made it sound really good.

Secondly we went through May There Always Be Sunshine and again we had the Piano playing and the Violin.

Finally we practiced Slice Of Heaven. This song is a really fun song so we are all laughing and enjoying it.

After we finished that it was time to go.

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