Monday, 14 September 2015

Distinction Evidence


On Friday I had Choir.

First of all we warmed up our voices. Here are a couple of exercises we do

- Square jump
- Doupie doo
- 1,1,2,1

After that we practiced Ring of fire. We went through the whole song. There were a few parts that we didn't know so we practiced that.

1 of the parts we didn't know was " away I'd rather sail away, like a swan that's here and gone." We were having problems with it because it's really high.  Mr Mcallum taught us a trick which was bending over while you sing the high note. We tried this and it worked. Miss Harris also taught us a trick which was to imagine you were driving along a road and when you got to the high note imagine your just going down a nice straight road and not over a hill. That trick worked as well.

There was another part which was " with love in her palms she was of beauty and splendor ". We were having trouble with this because we couldn't get our mouths around it.

Once we had practiced that it was time to go.

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