Saturday, 5 September 2015

Distinction Evidence

Kapa Haka

On Friday I had Kapa Haka.

First of all we sung He Honere to warm up our voices.

After that we ran through our new school song Taitapu. I have finally learnt all the actions for this song so now all the people that know it are teaching the others. 

Once we finish the sing for the third time Mr Brown tells us we're having a sing off.  First the year 4/5's sang.  Their feedback was good volume but they were off pitch. Then the year 6/7/8 girls sang.  Mr Brown said that we matched the pitch perfectly but needed to be louder. Finally the year 6/7/8 boys went. They got the same feedback as the year 4/5's. 

After that we had another sing off but it was year 4/5/6's vs year 7/8's.  The year 4/5/6's won at the start and the end and they year 7/8's won in the middle.

Finally we ran through the poi and then it was time to go.

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