Thursday, 3 March 2016

Merit Evidence being a role model for the Kakano team 2

Being a role model for the Kakano team/leadership in the food forest

The past 2 days the year 8 and a couple of year 7 have been working down in the junior area helping with their schoolwork and in the Food Forest.

In the Food Forest we had to help by harvesting the seeds with the year 4 and putting them in paper bags ready for planting next time and pulling out all the weeds and unnecessary plants.

To harvest the seeds you have to pick the nearly dead flowers and there should be seeds on them. Next you put them in the paper bag with the correct name for the plant. The year 4 got to pick the seeds while the year 8 put them in the bag and name the bags. We did this in the last part of the first block on Wednesday.

When we were pulling out the weeds we had 1 group making a chicken tractor which is a fenced area in the Food Forest where the chickens can run around in. While they were doing that the other groups were walking around pulling out weeds and unnecessary plants. We did this for the whole middle block on Wednesday.

When we were down at the juniors the first thing we did was go to the library. We helped pick out books with them and read them with them and I also got to read a book to the whole class. When we got back to their class (room 19) it was time for Fruit Break. Miss V read them 2 books while they were eating. Once that as done it was time for Work Stations.

For the work stations there were 4/5 stations. I was at the Reading station. I helped them with there reading and I also read to them. I did this for the whole first block on Thursday.

I found working in the Food Forest and being with the juniors really fun.

I still have 1 and a half days to go. Here are some photos of us at the Food Forest. (What we did).

I showed Community by helping the little kids.

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