Monday, 22 February 2016

Merit Evidence

Swimming Sports

On Friday the Kauri team had Swimming sports at Jelly Park. The Kakano team also went but they got to go in the outside pool and just play while the Kauri team competed in races and games for the houses.

When we arrived the house captains got taken to a line of seats in front of the pool. We got to sit there because so we could cheer on everyone competing. While I was sitting Mr Ladbrook came over and asked the house captains what one of us wanted to demonstrate the start for the width races. I put my hand up and I got chosen. I headed down there and demonstrated it.

Next it was time for the width races to start. All the house captains moved from their seats to the side of the pool so we could cheer on all the people racing. One little girl got scared so Sam W jumped in and gave her a piggy back so she could finish the race. After that we just cheered om everyone till the width races were finished.

After the width races it was time for the house challenges. My groups activity was Madness and we were up first. You play Madness by throwing lots of objects into the pool and time the houses to see who can do it the fastest.

Next the other group do their activity. Their activity was the Biggest Splash. You play this by getting 2 houses lined up (lengths way). Then you say go and everyone will hold onto the edge and go on their tummies and do the biggest splash they can by kicking.

After that we went outside to join the Kakano for lunch.

When we got back it was time for the length races. I was competing in these races so I had to get ready. When my race was called I went over and received my lane number. I did this twice for both of my races. I ended up coming first in both my events.

At the end of all the length races it was time for the class relays. We did it in year levels. In my year level my relay team came first. (What I did).

I showed Excellence  by trying my hardest.

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