Monday, 2 November 2015

Distinction Evidence

Peer Mediation

On Monday I had Peer Mediation with Sam L.

First of all we went and got the jackets, necklaces and Ipads. Then we headed to the courts.

When we got to the courts we did a couple of laps around it.

We were on our second lap a little boy came up to us. He said there was a problem on the Playground.

We went over to the playground and found out what the problem was. The problem was that a boy was chasing him. When we tried to solve it we found at the other peoples story. One boy told us that the other one (the one that came up to us) had been punching and kicking everyone. We found out this was true and asked him to apologise. He did. We also found out that the boy who had been chasing him had been asked by his friends to do it. We got him to apologise and he did. Then we asked his friend that had told him to do it to apologise but he refused to so we couldn't solve the problem.

When we had done that it was time to go. We  put the stuff away and went to play.

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