Monday, 31 August 2015

Distinction Evidence

Peer Mediation 

On Friday I had Peer Mediation with Grace C.

First of all we went and got the things we need which are:

- An IPad with the Peer Mediation app on it
- Necklaces with all classroom teachers on it and what class they teach and with the Restorative Questions on it
- Jackets that has Peer Mediator on the back

We were stationed on the field so we headed over to it.

We walked around the whole field and not just half of it so everyone could see us.  If we saw a ball getting kicked towards we returned it to the person that was playing with it or if there was a ball not getting played with we returned it to the right bin.

When we were walking we were approached by a little boy.  His problem was that he didn't want another boy to play with him and his friends.  When we went over to sort the problem out we asked them all to take turns telling us what the problem was.  We repeated the story back to the person after they told us their side of the story so that we had the right information to solve the problem.  We used all the skills we learnt at the Peer Mediator course we took to help us sort out the problem.

The solution we came up with was the boy could be on the same team as his friends as long as he involved the other boy.  We hung around for a bit to make sure everything went well and it did.

After that our time was up so we returned the gear to Room 25 and went and enjoyed our lunchtime.

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