Thursday, 1 September 2016

Excellence Evidence Kapa Haka 10

Kapa haka, Cultural Festival

On Tuesday I had the cultural festival for Kapa Haka. 

First we had a practice at the arena in the afternoon. We practiced our transitions onto the stage and where we are going to sit and stand. We had 9 minutes to do this.

On the night we met at the grass patch outside the arena. While we were waiting the girls had to put on headbands, lipstick and the year 8 girls had to put on the feather earrings. Once we had done this we entered the arena and sat down in our spots.

We got to watch most of the performances as we were the last group to perform. When it was time for us to perform we walked quietly to backstage and formed our lines. By this time everyone was getting nervous. All of a sudden it was time to go on.

The performance went really well and we all enjoyed it.

I showed Excellence by representing Oaklands school positively.

I showed leadership by being a role model to the younger students.

Here is a video of our performance


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