Thursday, 22 October 2015

Distinction Evidence

Peer Mediation

On Wesnesday I had Peer Mediation.

First we went and got the IPad, Necklaces and Jackets.Once we did that we headed to the field.

When we got to the field we started walking around it. We asked people if they had any problems but no one did.

We kept walking and asking but then we saw a junior sitting on the ground crying. We went over and found out what happened. Why happened was that he was playing Soccer and his friend picked up the ball and took it away. We made sure we used out Peer Mediation skills that we got taught at the Peer Mediation training by bending down to their height and repeating back what they said. We solved the problem by getting the ball back and finding a new game to play. They couldn't keep playing Soccer because the ball they were using is for the senior's.

While we were walking we had a bunch of year 3's come up to us and start talking to us. They didn't have a problem they just wanted to talk to some senior's. We tried to make them go away because there might be kids trying to approach us to sort out problems. We ended up letting them stay with us because the bell was about to ring.

We were on Peer Mediation for the whole of lunch because the other group didn't turn up and we didn't want to leave the field unattended.

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