Sunday, 8 June 2014

My perspective art

What:We have created art to represent perspective of objects that are close and far away.

So What:My art represents the Avon river getting further away.There is a punting boat going down the river.On the right there are trees and on the left there there is a boat shed.There is a pink and orange sunset in the sky.

Line:I think I did a good variation of lines.I did a squiggly line for the outside of the trees and straight lines for the road.

Texture:I think I used good texture because I used a dark texture for the water and a light texture for the first tree.

Colour:I used good colour in my sky because I used realistic colours for the sunset and realistic colour for the water.

Now What:What I would do differently next time is do all my brush strokes going the same way.

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